Behind the scenes: Luminaris

Based on the votes we collected at our last screening, Luminaris came out as the audience’s at Future Shorts Taipei. It’s a very creative piece with a lot of heart, something that can easily make Valentine’s Day out of any other ordinary day.

Shooting Luminaris

Shooting Luminaris

Now there’s an interview with the director Juan Pablo Zaramella on the Future Shorts website, where he answers questions about his creative process and outlook on making films.

The interview does not mention that this was his 9th movie, and he’s making films for over 10 years. Here’s for example Lapsus (click to see) from 2007, a nun’s adventures into the dark side (Oh, my God!).

Lapsus screenshot

Lapsus (2007)

Can see some more on his Youtube account, or on his website which has trailers of the bigger films and the full version some of the smaller ones.

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  1. Walker says:

    Cɑan you tell us more about this? I’d want tto find out ome additional information.

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