2012 Spring at Future Shorts

I had a little present in my email inbox today, the announcement from Future Shorts about the new spring season. It’s really exciting to be part of this project that spans 55 countries, and connected (at least) 25.000 people at 240 different screenings. I believe that we can still do better and be an exceptional local chapter for films here in Taipei. :)

The Spring Screening will include 6 short films, both classic and recent. Will do a detailed profile about them as the preparation progresses for our event.

Maybe the biggest change is the introduction of the Audience Award:

On March 1, 2012, Future Shorts Festival Spring Season will introduce the Future Shorts Audience Award for the Best Short Film of the Season chosen by the audience from around the world. This Award will provide a platform for our global audience, the key and integral participants of the world’s largest pop-up festival, to tell us which short film they vote as the best of the programme. The director with the most global votes will be awarded €500. The Audience Award will launch into the Spring 2012 programme and throughout the year — it will be a quarterly celebration of the most exciting short films and filmmakers in the world.

This is an awesome idea, and actually we were already ahead of the curve in that one.

Voting for the 2011 Winter screening

The winter screening's audience choices

At the last screening we already had votes, and selected our own Audience Award winner: Luminaris was the favorite — by one vote over God of Love. (Can click the titles to watch their trailers.)

Now let’s prepare for the next time.

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