Finding a venue

Finding a good venue for an event feels quite tricky. Especially if it’s an event that I feel so strong about, and really hope that everyone can have a good time. If there’s a dinner gathering, or just chatting with friends, then almost any restaurant or cafe can do. For a film festival that only happens once every few months and possibly won’t ever see the films again, those put much more pressure on the organizers – on us.

Last time we were at Insomnia Cafe, which worked pretty well. It’s pretty cozy (though that means limited space too), good atmosphere, and overall great place to hold a screening. Definitely a place to keep, even though it only covers part of the features of the venue we want to have.

Insomnia Cafe

Future Shorts Taipei 2011 Winter screening

One solution is to have more than one screening, and that’s partly what we are thinking about: having two screening at wo different venue, one for the cozy (let’s call it Premiere), one for the wider audience (let’s call it Grande).

Finding a good large venue on the other hand seems to be more difficult than I originally thought. Been checking out obvious choices – obvious because got them as recommendations from multiple people when I was asking around.

There’s Spot Taipei Film House, which would be a proper cinema. If only it wasn’t so ridiculously expensive, and in the same time relatively small….

Spot night view

Spot Taipei Film House

Then there’s my most favorite museum of the world, MOCA Taipei, they have a screening room, and I did watch movie there before. It’s much less expensive, and it would be quite interesting to watch such modern works of art as Future Shorts is, in such a modern art environment. It’s a bit small as well, though.

MOCA outside view

Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Then finally there were some suggestions that we can find venues at various universities. Looking around, most of them are very much not suitable for a screening, but there are exceptions. One of the most likely candidates is this conference room at NTU, which was also the venue of one of the TEDxMonga events. It’s spacious, comfortable, as close to cinema experience as a university auditorium can get…. Will likely have to check it out again to compare with my memories, but right now it looks like a good place for a Grande screening…

Room 100

NTU conference room R100

Now just get the ball rolling, there’s not that much time left till the end of May. Can we fill a room with 238 people for short films? I think we can.

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