Past the Spring Season

We have just wrapped up our Spring Season. We had a great Premiere and also a Grande screening. The films themselves were exquisite, and I had a great time organizing it as well. Here’s some results of the votes for the Grande screening:

The voting results of the screening, winner is The Man Without a Head with 20 votes.

And the winner is….

I cannot say the top position is really unexpected, though I’m glad that all films had votes cast to them. The global winner of the festival will be announced some time today, I’m curious which one, whether the taste of the Taipei audience coincides with the global taste.

In the meantime we have some more photos in our album here from our weekend screening, thanks to BigYo (the “normal” photos are by me, the good ones are by him:).

The Man Without a Head

While waiting for the Summer Programme to kick off, here’s one film from the Spring Season if you haven’t seen it yet.

Also, if you have been to one of the screenings, we’d be really happy to hear your thoughts on how to get better, either leave a comment below, post it on our Facebook page, or send an email to, thanks!


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