Introducing the Summer Programme

Now that the summer has arrived, here’s the lineup for the latest movies at Future Shorts. 7 award winning short films from 5 different countries, many different styles and visuals. This time all family-safe, though it looks like they will again rock your world.

A Morning Stroll

A Morning Stroll by Grant Orchard

United Kingdom – 2012 – 7mins

Created by Studio AKA, the multi-BAFTA winning company behind Future Shorts favourite Jojo in the Stars, Grant Orchard’s A Morning Stroll is the story of an encounter between a New Yorker and a chicken. Told over three acts spanning over 100 years, this incredibly successful animated short has already won a BAFTA and a Jury Award at Sundance and was nominated for a Short Animated Film Oscar. Click here to see the trailer.


Guest by Ga Eun-Yoon

South Korea – 2011 – 20mins

A teenager angry at her father’s affair barges into his mistress’ house to find her two little kids. Winner of the 2012 International Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand, Guest is a beautifully acted coming-of-age portrayal of emotions from Korean National University of Arts’ film program.

Notes on Biology

Notes on Biology by Will Madden

United States – 2011 – 6mins

A stop motion animation, Notes on Biology was the winner of Best Short at SXSW. This very clever short film brought to us by Ornana Films follows a student’s imagination during a Biology class.

We’ll Become Oil

We’ll Become Oil by Mihai Grecu

Romania – 2011 – 6mins

A winner at Tampere Film Festival, this experimental documentary inspired by the Golf of Mexico oil spill describes the effect of conflict in geographical spaces. Click here to watch the trailer.

Street Vendor Cinema

Street Vendor Cinema by Clarissa Knoll

Brazil – 2011 – 15mins

A short film producer sells filmmaking on demand in the busiest shopping street of Brazil. The outcome is an extraordinary mix of genres, from a samurai epic to a family melodrama, all born out of popular fantasy shaped amid the market’s chaos.


Tumult by John Barrington

United Kingdom – 2011 – 13 min

A tribe of norse warriors traipses across a barren land after battle. Their dying chief is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them. Click here to watch the trailer.


Fireworks by Victor Hugo Duran

United States – 2011 – 11mins

Growing up in Los Angeles, the fourth of July was always about fireworks. Against the holiday backdrop in South L.A., Fireworks is a coming-of-age story of two adolescent boys on a quest to impress a group of girls. Click here to watch the trailer.

We are just setting up the screenings in and around Taipei for these films, and we’ll let you know as soon as they are arranged. Should be very soon, can’t wait to see these!

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