4/5 of Summer

In both China and Taiwan, we have “ The 24 Solar Terms

and there we past, “the Beginning of Autumn”  (13th solar term)Aug.7,8 or 9

couple days ago.

Autumn has come? It feels like summer when you walking down the street, covered by sweat.


Future Shorts Summer Festival 2012So we had our Summer Future Shorts Festival on July 14,2012.

I was amazed by the films this time, probable the best list so far to me.

Many films this time are (at least to me) more into the core of many problems that start to getting serious for the last couple decades. For example,  out of balanced parenting,  pollution problems, (they never gone far)  multi-backgrounded neighbor…etc, and some other films are more about how time changes.

It was a tough choice for me to choose from “Guest”, “Street Vendor Cinema” and “Fireworks”.

One huge reason makes me vote  ” Street Vendor Cinema ” at last, is the grandma in the film.

She asked the team to film a sad family story from her childhood. Despite she is moving between actors and tell them to cry harder or so, it makes me sad to think about she gone through all the stories.  How will you dealing with a sad memory deep inside your heart?  Even tried to bury it, it usually shows up when you least want it to. The grandma make it a film, maybe to memorize it forever, maybe is another way to let the pain out from her heart, release those memories and via sharing the story, she might felt something else instead of the original emotions.

“Street Vendor Cinema” is more like a documentary film, or a home-vid film. No fancy equipment, no expensive lights or microphones, but  I like to see every films they made for the crowd, represent of some people’s dream, maybe that’s your dream  too.

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