Need your help: subtitling project

Movies are best enjoyed when you know what’s going on. Duh! One cannot speak all possible languages on Earth, that’s even bigger issue with Future Shorts, where in one sitting, withing the course of one-and-a-half hours you can watch 7 movies from 5 different countries. Also, the same films are shown in dozens of countries around the world. That’s why we have to rely on subtitles to get our message to the local audience.

Screenshot from Tumult

Tumult (UK, 2011, by John Barrington)

For Future Shorts Taipei we made it a priority to get some kind of subtitles for every film we show, and as the first stage of the project, we had English subtitles for our Spring and Summer programme already. But that’s not enough. Taiwan is a special place, and we have lots of local and international friends here. Not everyone speaks English, and not everyone can read Chinese. Thus we want to be able to prepare double-subtitles for all our films: both English and Chinese (just like those fun movies on the HK movie channels I’m quite fond of :)

For that we need your help: we have the English subtitle files – could you help us translate it to Chinese? If you can please get in touch with at, or in the comments below. Then we’ll be able to get you some sample of what does need to be done. Don’t worry, not too much text.

We are planning some more screening of the summer programme before the end of September, and this would be a great help. Thanks in advance!

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  1. […] the autumn season, the one premiering tonight, we tried to get Chinese subtitles, so we can extend our audience a bit more, out from the English speaking community in Taiwan. Some […]

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