We have a newsletter: don’t ever miss an event

The biggest problem we have found during the last 8 events we hosted is how to reliably let people know that we have a screening. Most of our communication was done through our Facebook Page, but over time that became more and more unreliable. Fewer people can see our posts, many never even get a notice that we have an event going on, and generally cannot get the same exposure as we used to. This is a general change in Facebook’s behaviour and troubles every other organizer as well.

On the other hand, not that many people come to our blog, and those who come would need to remember to check the page regularly to see if we have announced any new events?

Much better if we can go to our fans directly – if someone tells us that “yeah, I want to hear when you have the next screening!”, then we should be able to get in touch with them. For this, a newsletter is probably the best (even if not perfect) way.

So now we have a newsletter. Here’s the sign-up form below. We’ll send out emails only to keep people informed, and see whether it enables the creation a more satisfied community. :)

Let’s keep in touch!

Click the image for the sign-up sheet!

Click the image for the sign-up sheet!


One comment on “We have a newsletter: don’t ever miss an event

  1. […] up the time for the screening, will update the information here, when we have a time, or sign up to our mailing list, to get the announcement right into your mailbox! In the meantime, here is our 2014 Spring Season […]

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