Future Shorts 2012 Spring Premiere

A bit more than a week ago we had out first screening of the Spring Season. It was great, again very good election of movies, with the overarching topic of relationships. First I was weary of the “Over 18” requirements, but actually it is all fine, I have to rethink what kind of things I’m worried about.

Watching Future Shorts

Future Shorts 2012 Spring Premiere screening

Insomnia Cafe worked out very well as a venue, it is very cozy and friendly, movie-lover staff as well. Next time might want to keep in touch with them better, though to have a little more promotion. The first event we had in January was very popular, got to figure out how to fill up the place again.

Can see more pictures from the event in our album here (Facebook) or here (G+), no login required to either.

Now we are working on the next screening, a bigger one, in less than 3 week. Will post more about it in the days to come, about the venue, how to get the tickets, the new things we will be trying.

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Finding a venue

Finding a good venue for an event feels quite tricky. Especially if it’s an event that I feel so strong about, and really hope that everyone can have a good time. If there’s a dinner gathering, or just chatting with friends, then almost any restaurant or cafe can do. For a film festival that only happens once every few months and possibly won’t ever see the films again, those put much more pressure on the organizers – on us.

Last time we were at Insomnia Cafe, which worked pretty well. It’s pretty cozy (though that means limited space too), good atmosphere, and overall great place to hold a screening. Definitely a place to keep, even though it only covers part of the features of the venue we want to have.

Insomnia Cafe

Future Shorts Taipei 2011 Winter screening

One solution is to have more than one screening, and that’s partly what we are thinking about: having two screening at wo different venue, one for the cozy (let’s call it Premiere), one for the wider audience (let’s call it Grande).

Finding a good large venue on the other hand seems to be more difficult than I originally thought. Been checking out obvious choices – obvious because got them as recommendations from multiple people when I was asking around.

There’s Spot Taipei Film House, which would be a proper cinema. If only it wasn’t so ridiculously expensive, and in the same time relatively small….

Spot night view

Spot Taipei Film House

Then there’s my most favorite museum of the world, MOCA Taipei, they have a screening room, and I did watch movie there before. It’s much less expensive, and it would be quite interesting to watch such modern works of art as Future Shorts is, in such a modern art environment. It’s a bit small as well, though.

MOCA outside view

Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Then finally there were some suggestions that we can find venues at various universities. Looking around, most of them are very much not suitable for a screening, but there are exceptions. One of the most likely candidates is this conference room at NTU, which was also the venue of one of the TEDxMonga events. It’s spacious, comfortable, as close to cinema experience as a university auditorium can get…. Will likely have to check it out again to compare with my memories, but right now it looks like a good place for a Grande screening…

Room 100

NTU conference room R100

Now just get the ball rolling, there’s not that much time left till the end of May. Can we fill a room with 238 people for short films? I think we can.

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2012 Spring at Future Shorts

I had a little present in my email inbox today, the announcement from Future Shorts about the new spring season. It’s really exciting to be part of this project that spans 55 countries, and connected (at least) 25.000 people at 240 different screenings. I believe that we can still do better and be an exceptional local chapter for films here in Taipei. :)

The Spring Screening will include 6 short films, both classic and recent. Will do a detailed profile about them as the preparation progresses for our event.

Maybe the biggest change is the introduction of the Audience Award:

On March 1, 2012, Future Shorts Festival Spring Season will introduce the Future Shorts Audience Award for the Best Short Film of the Season chosen by the audience from around the world. This Award will provide a platform for our global audience, the key and integral participants of the world’s largest pop-up festival, to tell us which short film they vote as the best of the programme. The director with the most global votes will be awarded €500. The Audience Award will launch into the Spring 2012 programme and throughout the year — it will be a quarterly celebration of the most exciting short films and filmmakers in the world.

This is an awesome idea, and actually we were already ahead of the curve in that one.

Voting for the 2011 Winter screening

The winter screening's audience choices

At the last screening we already had votes, and selected our own Audience Award winner: Luminaris was the favorite — by one vote over God of Love. (Can click the titles to watch their trailers.)

Now let’s prepare for the next time.

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Past and future

I can’t even remember where have I heard about the Future Shorts for the first time. All I can recall that months ago I tried to recruit some people to help me organize it and failed. Then after the success of Ignite Taipei #3 I got inspired again, there’s chance to pull it off. There was a lot of motivation – I had a lot of new and interesting friends who I kinda wanted to impress a little. Just a little. Mostly I wanted to know what can I do if I have very limited time and resources, do I have enough drive, contacts and support to get it done.

Insomnia Cafe basement

Before the crowd's in.

It feels in the end, the first Future Shorts Taipei, showing the 2011 Winter selection, was an resounding success (and have pictures to prove it). Looking back, it wasn’t that hard…

  • With some intuition found a venue that was a natural fit for this kind of event, 睡不著咖啡館 Insomnia Cafe, with an owner who was just as excited about the films as I was.
  • The films were really awesome.
  • The people of Taipei, both Taiwanese and foreigners love movies and open to new experiences
  • Last but not least, I had a good friend helping out, who really made a mark on how the event shaped up, design, ideas and giving invaluable feedback. :)

Not yet a month passed since then, and finally the programme of 2012 Spring selection is up, and we better get working on putting it on screen over here. Of course there are a lot of outstanding questions about how to make this 2nd event at least as good (and hopefully better) than the last one.

Where to show it? Keep the same cozy venue or scale up to a proper cinema? Or do two different style of screening, maybe attracting two different style of crowd? This solution would really tickle that part of my brain that loves experimenting.

When to show? We have time between March and May, and the exact date is not a big deal, but which day of the week? Last time because of various constraints it was a Monday evening. Should this time go for a different day?

How much we should get into promoting the event? I like the process of marketing more than I dare to admit, and there’s a lot more things to try, new methods, new contacts, new ideas. This is again a slight internal conflict for me, originally I organized this mainly for my friends, and they are still my priority, but cannot deny that it would feel good if a lot of people had good time.


Great audience at the Future Shorts Taipei

Either way, there’s a lot more things forward, and I can’t wait to see what. And can’t wait to see more movies.

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