Future Shorts 2012 Spring Grande

After our Premiere screening, now we are ready for the next step: bringing Future Shorts to a wider audience. That’s why we are going to have our next event in a 230 people auditorium in the NTU. It’s on May 27, Sunday evening, from 7pm. A bit more than 2 weeks left and still a lot to prepare. There are hundreds of screenings around the world (click here to see a quick list), and for example on the same day there’s another one in Ukraine. Joining us you are really joining a global community of film lovers.

Future Shorts 2012 Spring Grande cool card design

Future Shorts 2012 Spring Grande cool card design


This time we are preparing mostly pre-sale tickets, you can book your tickets by clicking here. If you have any problem with booking, please just contact us at fstaipei@gmail.com, and we’ll sort it out.

At that link you can also see the list of films that are on the programme this time. We have 7 movies, some animation, some documentary, all quite different style, with one overarching topic – examining relationships. Though this time that also means that the films have to be restricted for only over 18 years olds.

Our venue is 台灣大學 應用力學館國際會議廳, NTU Institute of Applied Mechanics Building, International Conference Hall, and here’s a handy map to get you there (that outlined yellow spot there with IAM label):


How to get to our venue: Applied Mechanics International Conference Hall.

The MRT Gongguan and MRT Technology Building Station should be quite close for public transport, and should be some parking space nearby as well. And this is pretty much how the place looks:

View of the hall

Applied Mechanics International Conference Hall

Coming from Hungary, I can tell you this is pretty much how most of our cinemas looked like in the 1990s, so for me it’s a quite homely feeling. Hope it will work out well too.

Now let’s spread the word, and have a great crowd for a fun evening.

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